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  1. switching closes all tabs. closing and reopening evernote closes all tabs. no restoring anything. the "image browser" I find useless. I agree 100% with Palladion about the conceptual problems of separating business and personal the way it is now implemented. The things he asks for are what would make Evernote useable.
  2. yes. this would be a very good way to go. However, all of these suggestions have been made here at this forum some months ago when the separation of business and personal first came to Mac - to no avail.
  3. support for this is rudimentary. It seems the only way this works is to open a note in a new window by double clicking. No parallel tabs between accounts, and tabs close and do NOT reopen when switching back to an account. Instead of fickling around with new features like tables, I wish you'd first make sure the everyday needs are fulfilled. Pick up from where you left off - if you exit the app and re-open it, you'll return to your previously opened windows / state. This is not happening. All tabs are closed after restarting the app.
  4. Hi. You have GOT to be kidding me. After all this discussion for some older betas about separating business and private, with the new beta I cannot move notes from personal to business. REALLY??? I am absolutely major annoyed about this. This is a BUSINESS product. Even a beta must implement basic features. I am told that I CAN WAIT FOR A LATER VERSION TO MOVE A NOTE!!! I cannot believe how bluntly user feedback is ignored by Evernote.
  5. It's just amazing, and to be more precise, major annoying, that I am actually paying for such half-thought-out apps. Nothing is consistent across platforms, things change without warning, and both of this breaks workflows. I wish there were some clear communication first, and then a well-planned (and well-programmed) consistent switch across platforms.
  6. In my opinion this just goes to show that separating business from personal is futile, unless there will be an option for the business account to forbid sharing of folders with anyone outside the account; this, on the other hand, would seriously counteract the usefulness of Evernote. However, this might happen since the big motivation of Evernote for separating things seems to be some big businesses who want such separation and security.
  7. Hi Chantal, I'll jump in here to explain some of the things I really hope will work once you go out of beta: 1, I have notebooks that were shared with me from other people. At the moment, I MUST add these to my private account, but they are business related. I have contacted support and heard that adding shared notebooks to business is currently not possible (this was a while ago, but I am not aware it has changed). So currently, I must search across personal and business folders to include also the shared folders. 2, I use tags to organize my todos. My personal and work life are very much intertwined, and a day consists of both personal and business todos. I tag notes with a tag for the current day. Currently, I can use the same tag across personal and business and then search all todos for the day with one single saved search. When you force me to separate personal from business, this will force me to have 2 todo lists, and to monitor them by switching accounts all the time. Others here have pointed out that this also extends to GTD inbox and similar issues. 3, I use multiple programs to send stuff to Evernote - one of the key features it was designed with. For instance, I use MailButler. I have a shortcut to send a mail to my inbox (this has the advantage of getting a link back to the original email in Evernote). This inbox is in the personal account. In Evernote, I distribute notes to different personal and business folders, depending on the saved email context. I have not updated to the current beta, but have read here that transferring notes between accounts is not straight forward at the moment. 4, in a similar way, my browser plugins are set to send everything to 1 inbox, and I distribute things later in Evernote, which is much easier (with keyboard shortcuts etc.) than choosing a target folder for personal vs. business in the browser plugin each time.
  8. in addition to universal search: allow tags to work across both personal and business, as is currently the case. This would be necessary for combined search. I second the request to make this whole "separation" thing an option. I can't really follow the business practice of making such a huge change (see very panicked responses here in the forum) from one small update to another without allowing users to keep their old habits.
  9. PLEASE! PLEASE PLEASE allow users to choose whether they want to separate personal and business! This breaks my entire to do system. I constantly have to transfer notes between personal and business. I have to do lists that span both "accounts".
  10. Thank you for going back to showing tags all the time. This is very much appreciated. On my Mac, the tags "jump up" a few pixels when I click the tag field and the filed is expanded to use the while line (also very useful!). The tags and the field border then overlap.
  11. Tags appear to be working better after saved searches. Thanks. Seems you're sticking to not showing notebook and tags in the editing view. I still find this a major annoyance and wish you'd decide to have an extra line for those that is always visible. One of the weird results of the current UI is that when I click on the tag button, the mouse is not over the tags but over the notebook after clicking. This is confusing. A small thing: - when I delete the last tag in the tag field, the focus automatically goes away from the field. To delete a tag AND directly re-enter a new tag, I must click into the field again first. Please change so that field keeps focus.
  12. A number if issues. 1. I second the point from above: the non-scrolling tag-dropdown is really (!!) annoying. Please revert to old behavior. 2. entering tags has become a pain. I see similar stuff like from the previous poster. When Evernote syncs (which seems to use a lot of processor power), most other things hang, tags especially. Sometimes I cannot edit tags at all also independent of sync. This seems to happen especially when using saved searches (as far as I can tell). After calling a saved search, the tag field sometimes does not respond at all, or becomes erratic. This is only the case when I edit within the main window. A workaround is to open the note by double clicking (which is annoying when processing many notes). 3. I have a lot of saved searches. The list of saved searches that appears after clicking the magnifying glass in the search bar also does not scroll if the list is longer than the screen fits. This is actually an old bug that seems to never have been fixed (or reported?). 4. It seems that the origin of a saved note (web adress, mail app identifier) is not always shown (I mean in the main note view, not in the Info window). After rebooting, the links are now there, but they were not before. Furthermore, it is unpractical that the link disappears when I click into the note to edit. 5. Unclear what the logic for the switching of the options bar is. When I want to see tags and notebook, then I have to click into the note title first. But it is hidden when I edit a note. This information should be displayed all the time. Thanks for listening!
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