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  1. Same problem here with web clipper 6.8.1 (f9f083e/, Chrome 51.0.2704.103 m (64-bit). And with Firefox it's not working either. Only Amazon clipping isn't working, youtube, mail etc is working fine.
  2. Yes, did both a restart and reinstalled Evernote. The problem persists. Have contacted the support just a few minutes ago using your link. Thank you for your help! Axel
  3. I've attached two screenshots to clarify what I mean. First one shows the widget sorted by notebook. I've got four notes with reminders. Two of them with dates and the other two unscheduled ones which are in the notebook "jobs". All notes are displayed in a correct way. The second screenshot shows the widget sorted by date. You can see that the two notes with scheduled reminders are still there but the other ones aren't displayed properly. I've marked them with red arrows.
  4. Hi everybody, I've got a problem with the list widget: I chose "reminders" to be shown and sort notes by date. The widget shows all notes with date reminders correctly but doesn't show those notes with dateless reminders properly. When sorting notes by notebooks all notes are visible in the widget (even those with dateless reminders). Is this behaviour reproducible? Axel I'm on a LG G3 with android 5.0.
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