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  1. Tried researching this but 9 of 10 search results are about "keyboard shortcuts". I"m simply trying to edit my Shortcuts list on a Mac, and I've spent 30 minutes looking for a way in the program and generally online. Sorry if I've missed something obvious. Thanks for any help.
  2. You said that you were looking into a fix for when the public completed version of El Capitan released. Still the same issue except the "-webkit-standard"has been changed to "Default" - but its still bolded gotham that cannot be unbolded! I know this seems minor, but for my OCD it is terrible! I have over 1000 notes that have lost all formatting and are all bold! This is unreal! Tried to uninstall then reinstall, no luck. Please help me find a fix to revert this back. (Running 6.1.; Mac OS X 10.11) Somewhat similarly, I just found the tightly formatted notes I've been making all week are now all in Gotham Bold and can't be unbolded, whether I make changes to Preferences or not.
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