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  1. Thanks very much for your reply, I was getting very frustrated with it, I had spotted the error in the log but had no idea what the implications were or how to fix it. Anyway...thanks to you I have now renamed the database and it works!! Thanks again.
  2. Wonder if anyone can help...my phone syncs perfectly with my EN account but when I try to sync changes to a note on my W8 laptop I get a red exclamation on the sync button...here's a log if that helps, thanks: 19:02:41 [3788] 100% Updating local note "CAPITAL", resource count: 0, usn=350819:02:41 [3788] 100% * guid={EEE6D640-12B8-4BF2-88BF-B0E3D223833F}19:02:41 [3788] 100% Updating local note "FABIO", resource count: 1, usn=350619:02:41 [3788] 100% * guid={C95AC22A-BEBD-4015-B5B9-6E10E93A168D}19:02:41 [3788] 100% Updating local resource "3d9283169a6d585dfc7ddd6f287d0604" placeholder, 47880 bytes19:02:41 [3788] 100% * rsrc={78BB6449-3D12-49BC-9C25-FB1E6D6BF728}, note={c95ac22a-bebd-4015-b5b9-6e10e93a168d}19:02:41 [3788] Commit failed: code=00000302, CANT_INSERT_ATTRS_TABLE, error: "Can't save uid=1079, error: database disk image is malformed"19:02:41 [3788] 100% Cannot commit transaction "writeNotes", error: CANT_INSERT_ATTRS_TABLE (Can't save uid=1079, error: database disk image is malformed)19:02:41 [3620] 100% Connecting account surfer66619:02:41 [6848] Client synchronization finished, status: failed19:02:41 [6848] * elapsed time: 1s
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