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  1. i've submitted a ticket and the team is working on it. Hope this will be resolved soon.
  2. maybe it has to do with -tag:* i tried to create a new notebook and created a new search "Notebook:NewNoteBook -tag:*" and the same error message appeared when accessing the saved search
  3. Tried a few names (saved search) without luck. I did rename the notebook but this was a long time ago. How do i open a support ticket? Thanks in advance!
  4. i created a search Notebook:Cabinet -tag:* and saved it. The result is good; but the saved search is grey out. Every time i clicked on this saved search, the subject wordings appear. Is there any way to fix it? It's annoying you have to type the query again & again
  5. I'm a Chrome user running on a Windows 10 machine. I use Evernote Web Clipper together with the new Evernote Web. I have two questions: After I clipped a page from Imdb, there's a "safari-favicon" attached to the note. Is there a way to exclude this nonsense from the note for good? i use a lot of tags. Is there a way to see all tags in a note (the current Evernote Web seems not able to handling this)Attached is a screenshot displaying the problems. Thank you all for your time! Raymond
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