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  1. Well, based on the comments, I guess we'll just have to wait another ten years or consider moving to another product. At least you did a good job of eliminating the "wish list" factor and so I'll shut up and move on. Paperless from Mariner is a piece of junk, One Note is wonky about dragging and dropping loads of PDF's, DevonThink for Mac doesn't work on anything else but a MAC or IOS device so I'll just keep searching I suppose. Imagine the $$$$$ pocket change that could be made by coming up with a 3rd party app for 2 or 3 bucks. Let's see.. $1 from a million users would be.... OH NEVERMIND.
  2. In ten years I have 3,200 items and still no Duplicate Removal Why is it, after using this product for so many years there still hasn't been a method introduced to remove duplicate items other than sorting them by title and clicking on them manually? Hello?? Earth calling Evernote!!! Three Thousand, Two Hundred Times??? WTF is wrong with your programmers? Most importantly, why am I paying an annual fee to store all this ***** on your servers when I could be making things far more efficient?? Can someone at Evernote kindly explain this besides the same old: "Sorry, ya can't get there from here" response? Ten Effing Years?? With Great Frustration, Rik Wallin Dallas, Texas U.S.A.
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