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  1. It's not that I have no widgets. I have the individual action widgets. I'm missing the action bar and list widgets. Some devices places the 1x1 in the shortcuts section. Can you check to see if you see it there? Unfortunately that's an Android limitation. The app needs to be stored on your internal device storage to access the widgets. We have found that for some people un-installing and re-installing the app fixes the situation. However a reboot will get you back into this same state. Please check the shortcuts section of your launcher. We have found that some devices place the 1x1 there. Let me know if you find it.
  2. I updated my os to lollipop and I'm back to having no list widget. It appears when I move Evernote off the SD card, but disappears when I move it back to the card. Very disappointing. Galaxy s5, Evernote 7.2, Nova launcher.
  3. I finally got all the widgets to show up and Evernote can live on the SD card, but I had to temporarily transfer it to the device. The details are: I've got a Galaxy s5, am running Evernote 7.2 on the sd card, and use Nova Launcher. Only the action button widgets were available. Rebooting had no effect. When I moved Evernote over to the device, all the widgets became available. I added the widget I wanted (list version), and then moved Evernote back to the sd card. The widget stayed on screen and now all of the widgets are available to me. Unfortunately, it isn't a workable option for those whose devices are severely space limited. eta missing word
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