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  1. Hi all, My addition is slightly related to the OP's post but might be considered off-topic. While it might sound strange, my #1 reason for getting a pebble was so that I could check off shopping lists on my write whilst not getting my phone out of my pocket every 10 seconds and fumbling around trying to carry things! My local shopping center unfortunately has horrible mobile reception on Optus. So to my dismay, when loading up the evernote app on my pebble the other day, ready to get shopping done, it said it couldn't contact the servers and was just a paper weight... I had to pull out my phone again to check things off as usual. It would be amazing if this simple functionality could be added. I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting this. To my way of thinking and use of the pebble and phone app, I'd rather it sync at a regular interval, and if you load up either app and it's not fully updated, you can trigger one manually. Currently when using the pebble app even when in coverage, it takes some time to load up the different menu lists as it has to go online and verify what exists.
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