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  1. @JMichael - CMD+SHIFT+V worked! Awesome! Thanks dude. Does that work across Mac or just Evernote?
  2. I have set default note format settings. I want all text to be in this format unless I manually change it. I have changed the settings to the format I want, but my problem is that when I copy text from an email or the web and there is formatting, it uses the formatting from that site or email and not the format I have set. This is such a pain in the ass! Especially if there is some background color set. So my question is this: Is there a way to set the format of text even if are copying from another source so the text is always using the default text setting unless I manually make format
  3. Using FF 43.0a2 (2015-09-26) and it won't let me use 6.1. does not work. When are you guys going to fix this? Seems like there are a lot of people on here that want to use FF. The rating for that plugin is really low and for good reason. It doesn't work at all from what I can see. This is one of my top Evernote features and I wish you guys would get it working.
  4. I set up two step authentication a long time ago. At one point I had an Evernote code in Google Authenticator but for some reason it is not there now. To add it, I need a scannable code. If I got to my security setting, I do not see anything to generate a scannable cade for the Google Authenticator app to scan in. Nothing in the Knowledge Base on this. I keep a lot of sensitive data in Evernote so security is important. Also, I think it is total bullshit that I pay for this product and do not have access to support.
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