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  1. I was using the save icon to the far right but now see that the destination folder can be defined with right click as you suggested. Thank you!!
  2. Before the update to Version 7.5.1, I was able to specify the *Save To* destination folder on Mac when saving a file from Evernote. Since this week's update, all files are saved to the Mac Documents folder. Is there an option to define the destination folder? Thanks in advance, Barry
  3. Thank you for the tip, it's a definite time saver. I'm still hoping that a future update could sync all PDF attachments without any additional steps.
  4. My apologies in advance if this has already been posted. I use Evernote on MacOS and Windows, with the option "Always show PDF documents as attachments" enabled on all machines. When a PDF is saved in a note on a Windows machine, it will later sync as an inline PDF on Macs (despite "view all PDF as attachments" option being enabled). This requires me to save the PDF to desktop and reattach it to Mac Evernote in order for it to be embedded as an attachment. This becomes very tedious when trying to keep all Win/Mac browsing and formatting identical. Can the PDF-attachment option be made compatible across these two platforms? Thanks
  5. For both Windows and MacOS versions, I'd like to suggest adding the option to view jpg/bmp/gif as file attachments (versus inline). This would streamline scrolling through picture-heavy notes. Also, it would be great if notes created on either platform carry over the same image attachment view when synced and accessed on either platform. Thanks for you consideration.
  6. I use Evernote for Windows 7/10 and MacOS Sierra, often working between 2-3 machines throughout the workday. I have all Evernote copies configured to "Always show PDF documents as attachments," however, if the PDF is uploaded/synced first on the Windows version, it will later appear as an inline PDF when working on MacOS. This changes the layout and workflow when later working on notes in MacOS. I'd like to suggest that PDFs would sync across all platforms based on the preferences chosen (in this case, all PDFs would appear as an attachment). Also, if there was a similar option to view jpg/bmp/gif as files attachments, that would make scrolling through picture-heavy notes much quicker. Thanks for you consideration.
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