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  1. Evernote as worst as ever! This has been requested in 2012 and it is 2019 and it has NOT been implemented. I have been a paying evernote customer since for at least five years and this are the kind of issues that make me think twice about keeping my subscription active. Please do this ASAP! Regards, HC
  2. Rolled back to Version 6.1.1 (452253 Direct) with considerable hassle and still the same issue. Premium user and Evernote is getting worse every day. I will start considering leaving it...
  3. Hi, I've just upgraded to 6.2 yesterday and lost the ability to share from native "Mac OS Notes" app. I tried both in my notebook and my iMac and it's no longer working. Is it possible to go back to the previous version? Did everything: enable it on the share menu, disable it and reenable, reboot, nothing works! Using Evernote Version 6.2 (452688 Direct) Thanks, HC
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