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  1. I unfortunately missed the study trial. Handwriting would be a huge improvement for me. I currently use evernote for everything, but can't use it for several key parts of my job (I am a scientist and teacher). I occasionally use penultimate, but having a separate notebook for handwritten stuff is not useful for me. I also take notes in a physical notebook and then photo them into the evernote app occasionally but find this clunky. Below are things I do in text and then things that I would like to do with handwriting integrated into the native evernote iOS app. Text: Notes at a meeting Brainstorming agenda items at my computer Planning and clipping while web surfing Making lists (I like lists) Things I need handwriting for: Math/science-heavy notes (equations, diagrams). I would take these while taking notes in lectures and science meetings. Very useful to be able to type to get the ideas down and then sketch in the note the key figures/equations. Diagramming designs for scientific instruments Flow charts I would likely use these almost exclusively on the iPad but also at times on the iPhone.
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