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  1. Just noticed that on the Mobile you can't make it smaller... (Works portrait but not landscape - Android 5.0+) You know how you can squish your fingers together and you can make object and text smaller or larger?... Yea - That works for *****, notes are very difficult to read (and the is being nice). I am so curious of why the things that are so ubiquitous and simple to use in other applications are always the ones that are absolute ***** in Evernote.
  2. For the images yes that works fine I am referring presentation made
  3. On SIZE Size Does Matter!!!! My presentation will be perfect. I will have already picked and won fights with the txt and the images (P I the A) Then switch over the PRESENT All Messed UP - - The PRESENT mode is tooooo large. Need a way to + and/or- Arrrrrrg
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