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  1. Yes, that's right, agreed. And similarly when you right click to delete this tag in this case (a new tag), it says "are you sure you want to delete this tag"...thanks...but doesn't tell me if it's used elsewhere. In this case, fine, but in general I'd sure like to know "This is the only use of this tag" or "you're about to ***** yourself and delete it from 1072 notes"....big difference. I just checked and for my frequently used tags it does NOT warn in this way.
  2. Well, indeed, right click and Delete does indeed do the trick. That is a good solution I will personally use. Thanks! The behavior is still bogus. Auto creating a tag that is created in a note when that note then expunges the tag...Evernote should still do something differently.
  3. I'm a religous Evernote user, across multiple platforms. This note applies to multiple ones, but specifically happens in Windows. There's a very specific "feature" which is really painful. - Make a new note - Go to the tag area and misspell a tag, such as "ChecklisK" [sic] - Delete the tag BEFORE SAVING THE NOTE - Type the correct tag "Checklist" - You will notice that you have kindly (URGH!!) created the misspelled tag in my tag list. And what's worse and a reminder of this painful feature, you will kindly (URGH!!!) offer to help me misspell it again (along with the correct spelling) when I type "Check..." the next time I'm tagging. You have to manually delete the unintended tag from the list. Please don't save new tags created and promptly deleted - I'll bet $10 your answer is "Ah, yes, but we save notes for you automatically, it's a feature!". You're right and that's one of the wonderful things about Evernote. Except in this case! Apply some intelligence here and delete the tag. How about this simple heuristic: If a tag is created and has a lifetime less than X seconds in the note that created it (you pick X...10 seconds would be fine!) then imagine that never happened as it was clearly unintended.
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