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  1. For me, Evernote is a perfect daily companion except for the fact that I can't do LaTeX. Right now, I am planning to rely on Dropbox Paper Web version for my math notes. But, I am not satisfied with it either as it is not a replacement or intended for creating notes to store like Evernote. Even if they can't support all kind of markdown, at least I wish for LaTeX editing like on Dropbox Paper on the web. The main feature of LaTeX Evernote should support is ability to go back and edit the LaTeX instead of deleting the whole math image and rewriting the code block again, in a convenient way. I believe a lot of Evernote users dealing with math daily in their life would appreciate it very much! I am hoping for the integration in the near future soon. I do code in my free time too. So, integration of code editing as an edit and read only special file note like how PDF editing works would be a big plus.
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