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  1. In order to get the correct print size I did copy it to Word and was able to print the size I wanted. Seems wasteful. Should be able to print correct font and size from Evernote directly.
  2. I am able to copy and change print font and size in Open Office but I should be able to do this in Evernote directly. Here is an example in this message. The font change appears to work but the printing is the default font.
  3. I have tried to modify the font style and size.to no avail. I open one of my notes and the style is Tahoma size 10. I attempt to change the size to 14 but when I print the size remains 10. I have also tried to click on format and change the size but it still remains size 10.when it prints.
  4. I ran into a simple problem when trying to print. I was unable to change the font size or style. I tried to change but it did not take. Nothing in the help function and no way to provide feedback to the developer. Find the product very valuable but.... need to get info.
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