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  1. And I see several other problems in the UI interface today. What is happening? (Do I have to dig up my old Evernote replacement code again? )
  2. Suddenly paste to an existing note does not work (in the web version, Google Chrome). Anyone else seeing this?
  3. So far Evernote has not answered positively to any accessibility request as far as I know.
  4. Now and then I am thinking of releasing my own version. I used it for a while, but dropped it because of lack of time. Evernote, can you please just fix this?
  5. So that comment did get 4,570 likes at the moment. And the thread still just has a few... o.O
  6. As far as I can see this is still not fixed. This is very troublesome in many ways. First the practical thing, the direct consequences of not being able to change font size when viewing. It means for me I can only read my notes conveniently when conditions are good. (Light, I should not be too tired. Etc.) Second, it makes me worry about the future of Evernote. Fixing this is rather easy from a programmers view. Why is it not fixed? Does this mean that Evernote does not have the resources to do it? Could this mean Evernote could crash just like many other IT-companies offering free services
  7. I am not sure when it began, but the latest days I have seen sometimes very slow loading on the web (Windows 10, Chrome - both updated, of course) and slow header update on Android (ver 5.1.1, Evernote updated). I have no big notes, so that is not the problem, but I have many notes (10 000). I use the free version of Evernote (so far). I do not experience any remarkable slowness on other sites. PS: And now it was very fast on my Android. Perhaps this was a database format update that I saw when it was slow? PS 2: And the problems I saw on the web might have been temporary probl
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