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  1. Thanks for the tip. Seems that works OK if I haven't already broken the table by trying to edit it. I have a few notes I've been able to confirm this with, and two that I've had to extensively rebuild to recover. From adding new tables in the course of my efforts to recover some of this data, it seems to me that the underlying table code itself has changed. New tables have lighter borders, and the columns evenly space to fit the window, regardless of their contents, whereas the older tables have darker borders, and columns resize as you enter text into them so that the column widths end up proportional to their contents. This leads me to believe something fundamental was changed in the way data is stored underlying the notes, which is probably the answer to "Why?" for both issues.
  2. What the heck happened to the "Paste as Plain Text" command that used to be available?! I think there must've been a recent update that replaced it with "Paste and Match Style" which, in my experience so far, means "strip out all the line breaks and turn your clipboard into a giant blob of text." This used to be one of my most frequently used commands ... Copy a selection of text from an email, a web page, a PDF, whatever ... if you just paste it (CTRL+V) into the Note, you're going to get all the formatting, which will usually make a mess of the text. But if you use Paste as Plain Text (CTRL+SHIFT+V) you'd get JUST the characters, including line breaks and bullets, and then you could clean it up with formatting or indents if needed. Now that it's "match style" it's stripping out everything except the text, which includes the line breaks, making it virtually impossible to capture a lengthy section of email or web content, without spending ages going back in to insert line and paragraph breaks. If this was an "enhancement" I'd say FAIL! Also, it looks like they've changed the way tables work, because all of my older notes that had tables in them, now when I try to add a column or edit anything in the table, the table blows apart! Augh. REVERT, REVERT!!
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