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  1. Bingo! Found the unsyncable note and deleted. Looks like you are my personal guru for Evernote. Many thanks .Hopefully I can remember this if I experience it again. If not, guess it will be available in this forum and I will find it.
  2. Running Windows 7 and Firefox. For over 24 hours there has been a round red "disc" with an exclamation point over the sync icon. Have forced syncing and received message that it is complete. What does it mean? Can't find any reference to that on forum. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the info. Haven't done much scanning into Evernote so may try that option. It will be hard to beat or equal Scannable's clarity.
  4. Yes, you are right. I now see the Post It emblem below the doc when I view in EN. Now if I could just figure out the way to choose that style. Thanks.
  5. Doc was squarish but roughly 7.5 x 8 inches. Does look like a Post It note.
  6. Scanned a photocopy of a hand written document using iPhone. The original had a white background but was not very legible. The results produced a document with a bright yellow background. Actually, that is preferable in this case and I would like to replicate the yellow background for subsequent pages of the same document which were produced with a white background. Can't figure a way to show a picture here. THanks for any clues as to how this happened and how I can choose the option in the future.
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