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  1. what kind of handwriting/sketching do you think you would do in the app? i have used penultimate on the ipad for a long time. my usage in descending order of recurrence is as follows annotations flowcharts, wire-framing project planning space planning use-case diagrams todo/task management sketching on the iOS my prime focus would be on how quickly i can take a handwritten note. i think it would be great if i could do it right from the widget. What feature expectations do you have for handwriting within Evernote? ability to write on previously created typed/clipped notes. auto shapes for easy diagramming. auto-advance for cursive writing. ability to choose between erasing a part or entire stroke. palm rejection when using a stylus How would your usage differ between iPhone and iPad? I'd expect to use handwriting on the iphone while on the move. iPad for handwriting when im sitting down...too clumsy to handle an ipad 2, a stylus and a cigarette while moving around. How would you expect handwritten notes to behave in non-iOS Evernote clients? as seamless as possible.
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