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  1. Problem with clearing them all up is that they are all different versions of the note, so i have to find the one that is most recent - which can be difficult if i don't remember the changes I made. Can still be figured out, but would rather not have to deal with the issue. As far as the connection speed, that is an interesting hypothesis. There are only 2 spots i access evernote on the web, and one of them does have a slow connection. I'll pay more attention next time when/if the duplication happens. However, i won't be in either of those two spots for a few weeks. :/
  2. I don't use the web interface often, but almost every time i use it to edit multiple notes, duplicates start appearing, and if i keep going, more duplicates appear. When i get back to the windows app i have to find the right note and delete the rest.
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