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  1. @gazumped on windows, the fullscreen mode is - in my opinion - for more cumbersome than the keyboard oriented aero-snap feature. Also, a fullscreen application in windows cannot share the display as a macos fullscreen application can. So I would argue the windows aero-snap-feature and the macos fullscreen-split-feature are more use-case congruent. The issue arises in them handling the windowing differently. The macos split puts both windows necessarily into fullscreen-mode, thus raising the issue of that mode being escaped when pressing, well, 'escape'. The most annoying bit is to constantly having to rearrange your split-view-spaces because you pressed escape, trying to get into the note-list or navigating in the editor (this comes mostly from muscle-memory developed by working with vi). Noteworthily, other text-editors, and indeed many other applications in general, have recognized this as an issue long ago, so evernote is the only application I use (very) frequently that still struggles with split-view-friendliness. Having thought about it a bit more (and tested other applications for it): other applications merely ignore the 'escape' when in split-view-mode! So I should specify this in the title, presumably. The only moderation-action I can take is deletion. If you deem the moving of this discussion as fruitful, I kindly ask you to! (or maybe I just delete it and restart at the correct place?) Edit 2: the more I think about it, the more I feel that this should be placed as a bug, since the surfacing expectation of meta-usage of similar applications and their patterns suggests uncommon or even perceived faulty behaviour in specifically split-fullscreen-mode. Escaping, let's say, a search from the find-in-note-search with 'escape' and escaping from editing to the next "higher" interactive element are not far from another; yet one triggers leaving split-view, the other doesn't.
  2. @MatS14 I was of the opinion that posting this in the Evernote-for-mac-board, mentioned issues will pertain to the desktop version only. I am, however, basing my thinking that the screenshots of yours are of the web version on my client looking significantly different. I also don't understand what you are trying to tell me. So, to be clear - having tested retrospectively whether the 'escape' key leaves fullscreen mode in any permutation of selections of panes and/or elements: yes it does - this only happens in the macos version of the desktop client. It needs to be stated, that using 'escape' to leave fullscreen-mode is a standard darwin behaviour, that can be disabled by application developers. I have tried application specific key-redirection using karabiner, but the escape will still registers. Thus, I'm left trying to relearn my decades old vi pattern of pressing escape before navigating in the editor. just fyi: for quick note-taking I mostly use geeknote from the terminal, browser clips or the quicknote-feature - which I love. But when sorting, and working with notes on long-form writing, I have scrivener together with evernote on one space. I also have vim and hyper bindings active, which will leave me in a tiny minority. I still feel that, generally, the use of escape to leave fullscreen mode - especially in a textual environment - is an anti-pattern. Furthermore, I'm of the opinion that the app generallyl emphasizes keyboard-only navigation too little, hence the confusion in tabbing hierarchies; however, that is a different matter entirely.
  3. I've stumbled upon many threads while searching, none of them in the evernote forums (anymore?). To phrase my issue bluntly: evernote leaves fullscreen-mode by pressing 'escape'. I regularly use the 'escape' key in many different applications and also like to 'dual-app' evernote with other writing applications in fullscreen mode. the general principle for pressing escape (barring itunes and a few others that also exhibit that behaviour as part of apple's standards) is to move into the previous state of navigation (eg. the note-list from the note-editor). Since many other applications (and spotlight search for that matter) employ heavy use of the escape-key, I'd very much appreciate the removal of the exit-fullscreen mapping of it. We have the default ctrl-cmd-f command to toggle fullscreen mode already, so this is simply apple-baggage disturbing the workflow significantly if you're using fullscreen mode as I do.
  4. There is no need for this option anymore, since you can now add shortcuts in chrome natively. Just navigate to: chrome://extensions click on the burgerButton and you'll be able to enter your own extension-shortcuts (unfortunately they have to be letters, but since we have a somewhat sane distribution for ctrl-based shortcuts in the browser, you'll manage. hopefully )
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