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  1. Okay I need to clarify. The Evernote public link is not the link to word file. Let's say I saved a few photos of cats in Evernote. And I'm writing an article about cats in word file. And I insert that Evernote public share link in the word file for reference. The link in the word file works. It takes me to the Evernote web of the cat photos. But when I save the word file in pdf format, the link opens Evernote site that says there's an error.
  2. Thank you for your help. I just pasted the public link into my word document, and it works fine. But I get an error message if I click it in the pdf document, saved as pdf from the same word file.
  3. I inserted a few Evernote public share link in my Microsoft Word document and tested that those links work. However, when I save the doc in PDF and tried those links, I keep getting an error message, for all of those public share links. Does anyone else have the same problem and know how to make the link work in PDF? Thanks.
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