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  1. Anybody? Unless I missed an option somewhere it looks like it cannot be done, but this is strange because it's inconsistent with other apps, where it's always possible leave the todo list open.
  2. On the Android and Windows app, it's possible to always display the reminder list on top by default, like this: It makes it easy to see the current stuff and to tick tasks off/on. On the iPad app, I can display this list by clicking the reminder icon, however it won't stay open and won't be there by default when I open the app. Is there anyway to get the same view as on the Windows or Android app, with the reminders always visible?
  3. Thank you for the feedback. Is it a known bug, and is there any plan to get it fixed?
  4. Ok I've spoken too quickly. Notes are indeed tagged but only when they are regular notes. Reminders do not get automatically tagged (which is what I mainly use). So is there any way to enable this for reminders too?
  5. When I create a note in Android it seems no geolocation is attached to it, even though my GPS is enabled. Is there some option to enable this feature?
  6. Yes, I was hoping it was somehow already there and that I could enable it, but looks like it's not. Well, let's see if they implement it some day.
  7. There is now a browser feature that allows a web application to access the user's location. I've just tried on Bing Maps for example and the location is quite accurate (and there's no server nearby). If Evernote doesn't already do that, I don't think it would be very hard to add.
  8. It seems geolocation info is not added to notes created in Evernote Web. Is it possible to enable this like it is in the desktop clients?
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