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  1. Hello, we have completed some updates and encourage you all to sign up for free at www.birdforms.com. Here is a quick video of our early access live environment. Please give us feedback. Email us directly at webmaster@birdforms.com or visit our web site for support. Thanks again. https://birdforms.ti...MTUyXzE3NzUyNzk login.birdform.com
  2. WWW.BIRDFORMS.COM | Form Templates / Evernote!!! Please sign up for free at Birdforms.com. This is "Early Access" and the full site is not yet complete. However, you may utilize our "Free" form templates! Link your Evernote account and start sending our beautiful looking "Free" form templates directly into your Evernote account. They look GREAT! Please sign up and give us feedback. The full web site as well mobile & desktop apps are currently in process. PLEASE JOIN US! Thank you. PS: Yes, when the website is complete you will have the ability to upload or build your own "custom f
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