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  1. While I know that's not the main point here, as a software developer myself I need to point out that devs aren't to be blamed in such cases. Programmers don't decide which features to implement next, it's up to their managers / business people.
  2. Ah, ok. Right. Still, it's just a hierarchy preview, not any of the parts where most of the work is being done So do I (I posted in this thread several times already). This change, however, does very little towards that goal, that's why I don't get all these "I'm happy", "hooray", "THANK YOU!" etc.
  3. What are you talking about? The side panel is just that very narrow bar on the left (see the screenshot). It's always been dark gray as far as I recall - that's why this setting is default. I can't see how this could have an impact on user experience large enough to make you so enthusiastic. What am I missing?
  4. I think it's not unlikely to be correlated with profession, and how much time you spend in front of a computer. I'm a software engineer and I happen to prefer dark themes. I believe this is not a coincidence that programming IDEs (or software for software development) typically offer dark themes as an option: eg. Visual Studio, IntelliJ Idea and many others I know of. The same goes for programming-friendly text editors such as Sublime Text, which is dark by default. Evernote is not a programming tool, but I often use it in my line of work for project-related notes, As for the perceived advantages, I don't think I can tell you anything beyond from what you may have heard or read already. I feel dark themes put less strain on my eyes in the long run. I also prefer it in aesthetic sense.
  5. Well, I'm hardly surprised, Evernote isn't exactly famous for focusing on the needs of their users http://www.businessinsider.com/evernote-is-in-deep-trouble-2015-10 No wonder that (from the same article)
  6. I have a very hard time believing you have no issues with other apps and only have this problem with Evernote... This forum is brighter than the Evernote app, as well as the plethora of full-white websites (Feedly, Medium, Google Drive, etc.) Feedly has dark theme on a mobile. Google Drive isn't a service one would be likely to use for prolonged periods of time. I don't use Medium, perhaps there are dark theme requests on their user forum too, for all I know. Assuming that one is missing a ngiht theme in other apps, does it somehow invalidate such a request for Evernote? I'm a software dev, and IDEs - code editors - typically do offer a dark theme, because that's the type of software you are using for hours straight, and eye strain is likely to kick in. IntelliJ Idea, Microsoft Visual Studio (the latter by default) etc.
  7. I second this request. This would provide way better user experience. Did someone from Evernote actually respond to that? I didn't have the determination to read the entire thread, but I suppose there are some users watching it who already know... Are there any serious alternatives to Evernote (for Windows) which offer "night mode" theme?
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