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  1. Would uninstalling completely from my desktop and reinstalling be likely to fix anything?
  2. Yeah, I've done numerous tests with all devices. All works as expected with respect to all devices except when making any edits on the desktop. Those edits don't appear on any devices when I manually sync but it will update any info created on the other devices and overwrite what I did on the desktop. But to you point "Does the PC indicate the note is sync'd" there is a red exclamation point when I manually sync from the PC. If I close/reopen EN it goes away. I had not given that much thought as I asked about that previously and seem to remember it wasn't necessarily a problem. But looking at it again in light of my current situation perhaps this red exclamation point is indeed significant and indicative of an issue?
  3. Hardly a stupid question as that's not beyond the realm of possibility when it comes to something I might do. But in this case, I have only ever had this one EN account.
  4. Ok, finally getting back to looking into this problem... Thanks much for all the input with regard to what the cause might be and possible solution for my syncing issues. It seems EN has upset a number of users with it's "forced" upgrade policy. I can well understand and relate to the reaction. In my case I only use EN at a very basic level. Pretty much as a random note taker where I store things like www addresses, logins, etc. Nonetheless a very important tool I pay for. I've gone ahead and updated EN on my PC but it's still not working. I'm finding that I can open/edit/create notes on my phone, tablet or in www view and the sync works exactly as it should. However nothing I do on my desktop version syncs to any of my other devices. In face, any edits I've made on the phone/tablet/www site overwrite any edits I make on the desktop version. It's as if the desktop version can read but not write anything. I've looked at all the settings and can't find anything that could be the cause. Admittedly far from a power user so perhaps I'm just missing something obvious?
  5. I make an edit on my computer e.g. then sync all devices but the updated information does not appear on any of the other devices (phone/tablet). Worked fine until lately now it's something of a mess with unsynced data. Any ideas where to start looking?
  6. I had tried different options so the screen capture might not have shown the correct options checked. However, I took your advice and signed out/in (having had to search for how to do that!) and... Presto-- whatever that reset worked. The options in the capture window are completely different and now much more useful and do exactly what I want. Thanks much for your assistance!
  7. Thanks Guru-- but I'm still not there... I made a notebook in Evernote "WEBClips". I can set that as the "Clip to selected notebook" option in Evernote. In options for Clipper, I don't see what you're showing plus that "WEBClips" notebook doesn't even show up. To make matters worse, even though Clipper says it's saved the clip (in the wrong notebook) it's not there and doesn't appear anywhere in Evernote.
  8. Never have been able to get it to work. Everything I clip goes to the wrong notebook. I've changed the default notebook but still doesn't work-- insists on sending everything to a notebook I don't even use much. Would be much better if when clipped you were prompted for the target notebook but I can live with it as is if only I can set the notebook myself that Clipper uses. What am I doing wrong?? Just upgraded to Plus also... Using Evernote
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