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  1. Hey, Thank you for the reply. Yes, it works almost in every case as you say, but those times when it doesn't make for a very bad experience. Is there any way to take this further? Am I the only one reporting this issue? Maybe it's a problem with a Firefox Add-on or something?
  2. Hey, The difference is that with my suggestion you'd need one tap to open the note and start writing and another tap to save it. Using the large widget we would have one tap to open the notebook, another tap to open the note and a third one to start editing it. Finally, we need a fourth tap to save it. It's just slower. Regards, Dan
  3. Hello, It's happened to me three times now. I am writing in the Web Client, the "saving" ticker shows that the note is being saved and updated. But when I am done writing and close the note I find out that my work is incomplete and I'm missing what I've been typing for the past 30 minutes. This is really frustrating as there is now way to know if the note is actually saved or not. And once it goes into this inconsistent state, it doesn't update anymore. It eventually gets logged out and all is lost. I've been checking on my Android phone if the note is updated and it wasn't last night. And it wasn't this morning either. I checked the web client again and it had logged out. The sad part is that if this doesn't work right I will have to search for an alternative because I can't afford to lose this much work due to a connectivity glitch. Dan
  4. Thank you for the reply and the chance to clarify this. When you create the widget you would choose a note that it would append to. For instance, I have a note called "Memento" where I add little bits of information that I know I'll need to refer to later. Sort of a scratchpad. I have another note called "Shopping List" where I need to append various items that I need to buy. That would be another widget on my home screen. Does it make sense?
  5. I've tried submitting some feedback through the app, but it doesn't seem to work. I get to choose the first category, i.e. "How can we help you with?" -> Feedback and Communication. Then the "Tell us more." text appears, but without any other input method. Thanks! cc
  6. I find it very strange that we have widgets and quick actions to create new notes at the press of a button but no way of appending something to an existing note. At the moment I'm using an IFFFT applet for this, but I think this should be an Evernote feature: add a new Evernote action similar to "Simple Note" that would append the text to an existing entry instead of creating a new one. Thank you! cc
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