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  1. I have seen this argument raised in the past against the need for this feature, and clearly the majority of people who have asked repeatedly for this feature don't find it compelling. If you don't see the need to provide an additional level of client side security on certain notebooks then fine, but a lot of people do. If I step away from my computer for a few minutes and the screen lock doesn't kick in, I don't want others to gain access to this information. Sure, I could cut the screen-lock time down but then I end up unlocking it a million times a day. I also don't want to log out of Evernote every time I use it as most of the information that I keep isn't sensitive. I am also sure that I would forget to logout and again the information in left open. Computer login and Evernote login capabilities are possibilities but they certainly aren't convenient or realistic in my environment. All we want is a simple password, how hard can it be?
  2. Thanks for the pointer to the vote button at the top. I noticed it after making the comment, and added my vote. I want this feature for reasons similar to those already noted. Specifically to protect journal entries, but additionally to protect confedential notes. While I keep things pretty secure, this extra level would be appreciated. I use the encryption now to redact notes, but the folder level would be much more useful. I guess if you used the web client all the time, i would agree with the fact that the evernote password would be sufficient. But on dedicated clients that don't log out every time you close them the additional password is useful.
  3. This is the number one feature enhancement I would want to see incorporated into Evernote. Add my vote.
  4. Add my vote. Brave is a great new browser, but I love Evernote and webclipper. Please. Pretty-Please.
  5. I'm having the same problem. SSD is C:, storage on I:, as is the fold I'm attemtping to import. I select I but Evernote changes it to C. I read the explainations below but I still don't understand how this not a bug. Can't we get this corrected?
  6. I am attempting to send an email note to Evernote with both a notebook and tag associated with it (e.g. "This is a test note @Test-Notebook #tag1234 I have found that if I email this from my desktop email client (thunderbird) and the tag is not organized in a folder that it works successfully. Hoever if the tag is within a folder it doesn't, the note will go into the correct notebook but the tag will not be applied but will be a part of the subject. I have also found that if I send the same note from my gmail phone client that it works successfully either way.
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