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  1. Hello @Jack Ross It's no longer an issue, Jack. All of my encrypted notes in Evernote are safe & sound on the Mac and on iPhone.
  2. Hello kgg, Thank you. I will submit a support ticket. - But I can confirm that NONE of my notes were edited on a Windows platform. I only have Evernote installed on an iMac, MacBook, iPad and iPhone. I can still access encrypted notes on mobile devices, iPad and iPhone. - There are no special characters or formatting in my encrypted notes, only text. No checkboxes, rules, etc. - There is a screenshot attached to my previous post here in this thread.
  3. With the update to Evernote 6.1, I can no longer access my encrypted notes. When I click on "Show Encrypted Text", I enter my password as normal, but then I get a slightly ghosted screen and the note does not open. This happened after I did the latest update on my iMac. I then checked my MacBook, with Evernote 6.0 and I was able to access encrypted notes. I updated my MacBook to Evernote 6.1 and now the encrypted notes do not open. OS 10.10.5 on MacBook Pro OS 10.10.5 on iMac 27"
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