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  1. OKI. I was so frustrated by the loss of the Evernote clipper in Outlook 2007 that I installed Onenote as a work around in order to restore some clipping capability. When I opened Outlook, looking for the Onenote clipper icon, I couldn't find it. So I opened Tools - Trust Center - Add-Ins - Go to see if the Onenote clipper Add-in was listed. It was. But when I tried to Open it (to add it to Outlook), I got an error indicating I had to have Administrator privileges to do so. I exited Outlook, and then launched it again, but this time with Administrator privileges. I then went back to the Add-Ins section of tools. As I went to click the box to add the Onenote clipper, I noticed the Add-in for the Evernote clipper (which I had repeatedly and unsuccessfully tried to install.) Thinking "What the heck . . . I'll give it a shot", I checked the box for the Evernote clipper along with the Onenote clipper. Bang! When I restarted Outlook, both clipper icons were on the Outlook tool bar. I hope the solution for all of you out there, that are frustrated by the loss of the Evernote clipper in Outlook, is the same as mine: launch Outlook with Administrator privileges, go to Tools - Trust Center - Add-ins-Go and check the box for the Evernote clipper. Good Luck!
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