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  1. Hi Annah, thanks for your reply! I set my iOS devices to automatically download the newest versions of all apps. So the Evernote version is always the newest one, currently it's 7.14. I usually create shortcuts only in the Windows version of Evernote on my PC at home or at work. The shortcuts remain untouched as long as I do not synchronise the content with any of my iOS devices. As soon as I synchronise with iPhone or iPad, some of the shortcuts remain, some others disappear. To be more precise, I have 5 shortcuts which I do not change frequently (let's call them A1..5), and 3 more shortcuts which I change frequently (B1..3) Example: On Monday morning I delete shortcut B1 and create a new one (B4) instead. When I synchronize with iPhone on Monday afternoon, shortcuts A1..A5 remain and B2..B4 are gone. Curiously, I cannot reproduce this behaviour when I synchronize the iPhone immediately after modifying the shortcuts. But several hours later the effect is reproduceable reliably. So it seems to have something to do with the age of the shortcuts and the timespan between creation and synchronization. To clarify, no, all devices are correctly set to my local timezone, CEST.
  2. I am using Evernote on Windows and the iOS version on my iPhone and iPad. Here is a problem I have been experiencing for quite a long time: I keep a small number of shortcuts to frequently used notes. Some of the shortcuts never change, some others I change daily. Whenever I add a new shortcut in the Windows version and open the iOS version some hours later, the recently added shortcuts disappear, while the shortcuts that have been around for a longer time are not affected. This behaviour can be reliably reproduced. I suppose it could be a timestamp problem in the sync process of the iOS version, maybe connected to the time zone I am in (UTC+1), because only recently added shortcuts are affected. Did anyone else also observe this behaviour?
  3. I noticed a significantly reduced performance when typing new text near the top of a rather big note. The note has a size of about 600 K (200 K characters, plain text only). When I hit return, it takes almost a second till the line break is inserted. Typing normal characters is not that slow, but such keystrokes also appear to "hang" a little at times. Has anybody else also noticed that? P.S. This behaviour is already well known to me in the iOS version of Evernote. I avoid editing large amounts of note text on my iPad, because that is excruciatingly slow.
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