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  1. Interesting thread, considering adjusting line spacing is a very common addition in most note pads and word processes, I am curios why this has not been added/refined for EVERNOTE as you are a leading edge company and product. Problem I am having is this. I just updated to the latest version for Windows- GA 1. Now when I create cells, I cannot use the line tool within cell. 2. Whenever I use the line tool now in any created notes or new ones the line spacing between line and anything created or pasted is to large and cannot easily be adjusted if adjustable at all, in some cases, not at all. 3. Cells with adjustable columns fail to auto size and stretch, they will disappear off the edge of the screen forcing me to stretch EVERNOTE and will actually go so far off screen that I can stretch the full length of my 27in monitor and still not see it all and there are no scroll bars in cells that I can see or find. Content added to multiple cells will also start a new line as apposed to stretching even when there is seemingly plenty of room. I know you just add3d the ability to adjust the width of a cell, but it was automatic before update, so??? Also your automatic adjustment of cell that worked before update does not seem to work on certain cells I ale=ready have created??? Worked fine before latest update??? TY.
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