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  1. Too bad I am using Evernote web based version on my work computer and I cannot download the APP due to privacy issue. I think the editing toolbar also has limited features since I cannot find the highlighting tools like on MS Office Word.
  2. Thanks for the response gazumped! I am missing the editing tools to resize and rotate image. When I right click on the image, there are only the normal cut and paste toolbar for internet browing (see screenshot). 2 icons also appear for me to download or go to the image gallery. I am using the latest version of Firefox on Windows 7 OS since I use Evernote on the go quite a bit. Perhaps I should download the app/software to see if this will resolve the problem?
  3. I am trying to edit my images and pictures on selected notes. However, the features described in the article below are not showing up when I click on an image. Are they only available to Premium Evernote users? https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23193526 Thanks! DY
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