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  1. Sorry - please forgive my gruff comment (above). Too much coffee, not enough sleep, and tight deadlines (always).

    Here's the scenario:

    Win7 - 64. Big computer with a fast i7 CPU and 32GB ram.

    1) Just updated (today) to latest release. At that point, text search ground to a painfully slow pace. This machine, win7, is running as a VM. I give this VM 12GB ram and 4 cores. 


  2. Must agree that the Chrome Evernote pop-ups are seriously disturbing - not so much as an annoyance. This is more about Evernote using cookies and tracking (that's what's used to remember that I clicked the damn "got it" button). 


     The pop-up's title: 


    "Search your Evernote account as you search the web" 

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