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  1. Evernote is great for creating and saving notes, but it can be easy for ideas to be lost in the deluge. Sometimes, you just need a reminder to thumb through old content... How great would it be if Evernote had a "Review" function? Set a custom reminder (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) and custom filters (tags, notebooks, date created or modified or viewed). When launched, Evernote Review will curate a random (or algorithmic) selection of old notes to peruse, helping you rediscover old ideas and spark new ones. Even better, review should be in Presentation mode by default, showcasing these ideas in a clean, read-only format, while also keeping you focused. This would be enormously helpful to me. As an author, artist, and musician, I'm constantly jotting down notes. Being reminded and then shown notes I haven't seen in a while, especially in presentation mode, would be enjoyable to say the least, not to mention rescuing good ideas from obscurity. My sincere thanks to Evernote for being the notebook that's always there, Jared
  2. I was very glad to see this post! I have an android work phone, but I'm an iOS guy, and I was surprised that there was no freestyle handwriting feature on my new iPad. I'm a visual thinker. While I wouldn't use handwriting to write words (I'm a faster typer, and it's easier to search), anytime I need to sketch out a quick tattoo idea, art concept, pedalboard signal chain, or story arc, this feature would be a godsend. For me, the simpler and cleaner the drawing feature, the better. There are other apps for painting that need finer control, but Evernote, for me, is all about recording ideas quickly. Having the ability to represent an idea visually rather than trying to describe it would cut my idea capture time in half. Thanks for listening to my input! I'm a die hard Evernote fan, and I can't wait for handwriting on iOS!
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