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  1. Ditto that this now appears to be working after an update. This is good news... I am cautiously optimistic after the first use!
  2. I'm a bit confused. I run Outlook 2016. I select multiple emails, the Add-In is greyed out. What is the "Outlook Clipper?"
  3. Could someone from Evernote let us know if the ability to save multiple emails to Evernote via the clipper is going to come back? Is it possible to use the old clipper with the newer versions of Evernote? Frankly, I'm frustrated that it is being ignored. Getting a straight up answer as to whether or not it will be coming back would at least let me know if I need to spend time developing my own workaround.
  4. Ditto to needing the batch import back. This was critical to my using Evernote for Getting Things Done/The Secret Weapon. Combined with autohotkey to put the proper tags in after clipping, it was indispensable to my day. Unfortunately, the forwarding a bunch of email method just means one more touch
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