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  1. Android with latest Chrome (login with desktop mode). Issue do appear on desktop too. I suspected something changed when looking at my "archive". Useless to say that it's the definitive version/visual so it's the same, restored or not. Not a big issue really but if there's some change under the hood then it's always good to know it beforehand.
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply. It's hard to describe, notes do have extra spaces on paragraphs, sometimes they lose the original font. It seems there's some kind of compression on very old trashed items. Right now I created a new notebook where I will store the "trashed" notes, Evernote will treat them as "live" and I hope they won't be affected. Thanks Bye Ps: recent trashed notes are still nice and tidied, very old ones like 6m and older are messed up. See attached screens, the first was deleted yesterday while the latter was from 3 years ago. Website didn't change and copied note seems to have more full returns...
  3. Hello, I'm a long-time user of Evernote, I like to copy-paste articles from the web and read them later on my preferred device, I'm quite happy of such tool. However it's not so perfect at all, not on this particolar "issue": deleted notes on the trash bin are losing their formatting, especially the older ones. I could move them to another notebook but on mobile it's faster to delete and keep them on the "trash" notebook... My main language is not English so please bear with me. Thanks in advance. Bye.
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