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  1. Please add back the business card feature to scan the back side, and to add contact fields, and to add to contacts. Why were these removed??
  2. Yes it's really disappointing that the back side of the card can no longer be scanned. Please Evernote add it back. Many business cards have the persons name on one side, but their address info on the back. Secondly and more important, it seems we cannot even edit the card to add an address if it was on the second side of the card. There doesn't seem to be a way to add other fields to a contact. And thirdly, so far I have found that cards are not automatically tagged with the #business-card tag. Oh and yes, we can't add the contact to the devices contact list now!!! When you have invested in a platform and they go backwards after you have been depending on something for so long, it's extremely frustrating. And I now know why so many people are deciding to move away from Evernote. I don't want to, but if stuff like this keeps happening, I might have to.
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