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  1. Thanks JMichael! It works.
  2. Super Annoying: 1. I can't turn off the auto-correction. It keeps "correcting" when it should not! see post #2. JMichael's reply to turn off the correcting. 2. I notice some time evernote changes one of the paired single/double quote sign. It causes so many troubles when I keep some simple code and command in evernote. 3. It can't remove the text or paragraph format if I copy things from other place. This makes my notes super messy. I have to paste the content into a text editor, cut again and paste to evernote. Why so many troubles! When I open the web evernote, the default page is create new note. But I think most of people open evernote to check their own notes and it makes more sense to open the list of notes by default. PLEASE check the super annoying functions and make some changes. l'm looking forward to see new features only when the annoying features are gone. BTW, I really like the webclipper's "search evernote account as search the web" function.
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