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  1. Hi Guys, i have an issue going on ever since i got evernote that is driving me nuts and i cant figure out how to disable/fix it.... Every time i copy paste from a website, or anywhere that uses java and formatting, and paste it in evernote note. it paste it with extremely bad formatting and i get this line: " This site requires JavaScript to be enabled" and i have to go to "Format --> Simplify formatting" and then delete the line " This site requires JavaScript to be enabled" is there any way possible to bypass that? Set simple formatting by default, or something that this error will not come again and it will paste normally... it is extremely annoying to paste first in notepad and then copy paste again into evernote. thank you. apologies for the topic line, it was simply IMPOSSIBLE to pass the "Sorry, an error has occurred. Your topic contains suspected spam." error.
  2. i am trying to post a topic for the past 30 minutes and simply cannot pass the spam filter error. i tried every logical wording i can think of, this is driving me nuts lol how can i post? tried: "issues with formatting" "copy paste format issue" "windows java copy paste" even tried "i have an issue with evernote" i simply cannot post anything.... please let me know what i am doing wrong.
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