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  1. +Aleksandar - very irrelevant and very patronizing - total waste of time
  2. I searched and didn't see this feature request. last night on the tube I selected some text and was nudged ... all the selected text was deleted I know I can go to the laptop app and recover - provided I pay for Premium - however surely an undo button would make sense. I hardly ever use my laptop so an in-app function would help
  3. definite lag on iOS... very easy to replicate - on my phone it happens on new and old notes every time
  4. thanks for the reply...however: 1. I can't open a note twice - I'm on a Mac. that said, i can edit the note in the Evernote app and have the same note open alongside...which could work...however: 2. whenever I paste an item from the bottom of the note, the cursor of both notes jumps to the top...so it defeats the object it's nothing major however it would be nice to be able to split the screen
  5. would be good to be able to split a note so I can see two different sections of the same note i often work through long notes and want to create a summary at the top...I know I could use a temp note and then copy/paste...however it would be nice to have this feature in the same note
  6. when I set a reminder a badge appears on the icon...good once I open Evernote the badge disappears... it would be great if you could create an option to keep the badge notification until I mark the task complete
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