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Evernote-IQTELL Marriage

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  1. EVERNOTE, please seriously consider purchasing IQTELL as a super smart add on for EVERNOTE. In fact, it was IQTELL who got me started in using EVERNOTE and now I have five (5) EVERNOTE accounts. Two, of which, are premium. IQTELL provides its users with excellent executive oversight and would be a wonderful fit to be part of the EVERNOTE family of products. Benefits of building an EVERNOTE & IQTELL Partnership: 1)EVERNOTE excels in managing static information, storing vast amount of data, files and anything internet found making stored data easily accessible and at your finger tips. 1)IQTELL excels in managing dynamic information (giving you a centralized location to alert you to important time-sensitive stuff, to a specific focus of action, with zero distraction...zero distraction is an excellent and unsung feature) 2)EVERNOTE excels in its search capability to find very specific notes and being able to search .pdfs...I absolutely love this about EVERNOTE) 2)IQTELL excels in its dashboard VISUAL overview to show its users, upcoming responsibilities in advance, removing any trace of anxiety of missing important engagements. Notifications are super sophisticated and flexible as notifications allow for 100% customization from very low frequency to very high frequency of reminders....it is totally up to the user. 3)EVERNOTE excels as the king of the collection inbox, capturing data from browsers, online magazines (Zite), email providers (pretty much every web based email service has an EVERNOTE add-on option), camera image capture, business card capture, skitch capture....the list is endless. 3)IQTELL excels as the king of the email inbox, capturing all user email accounts into one "easy in box" enabling users to manage only one email inbox. So many of us have different email accounts: business email accounts, family email accounts, contract specific email accounts, online service email accounts, social email accounts, etc. IQTELL's "easy inbox" with the ability to integrate multiple email accounts into ONE email inbox allows its users to have the upper hand with their email management. Let's face it, email is not going away. Above are just three powerful examples of how IQTELL would be a wonderful compliment to EVERNOTE. I believe in EVERNOTE. I believe in IQTELL. Together they would be the bomb in business and personal productivity. Thank you so much.
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