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  1. I've been having problems with my Firefox and it consuming 1.5GP and more (as high as 3GB!) Following FF's instruction, I went through the elimination process, and without the Evernote web clipper, FF averages ~500MB of memory, for days at a time. The moment I add in WC, though, the usage shoots upwards to 1GB, and never stops. Disable it, and it drops back to average. This clearly indicates to me that WC has a leak.
  2. No, no such utility, or it would be an issue with other tools and websites.
  3. Every time I start up my laptop and need to use the web clipper, I am being asked to authenticate. Is there any reason for this? When I access EN through my web-browser, I at least have an option to "remember" the computer for the next 30 days. Why don't I have the same option with the web clipper?
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