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  1. Thank you. Although I do have a MacBook, I mostly use my iPad and iPhone with Evernote. Consequently, I hadn't realised it was possible to change the dates in the desktop version. I've just done that for one notebook, and now it gives me exactly what I wanted in terms of a view sorted by original date. I can chip away at this over time to one-time correct other notebooks. I'm sure I'll try the other tips for other purposes too at some point. Thanks again for the helpful reply!
  2. I also would like the ability to overwrite the created date, or the ability to update a new "custom date" which might default to the created date. I have loaded several hundred old documents / letters etc. into Evernote, and would like to be able to sort the notes within each notebook by their true date rather than the date I loaded them. I'd prefer not to cannibalize the subject as a workaround.
  3. Thanks DTLow. I'll give Notability a try. I had tried the Evernote annotation feature but it falls short of Penultimate for natural handwriting.
  4. I use Penultimate daily with Evernote and Scannable. I often receive forms to fill in (PDF or Word) and would love to be able to import the note to Penultimate, complete it with natural handwriting, file it to Evernote, and email a copy back to the sender. And if the form arrives by post, scan it into Evernote and process as before.
  5. Love this app. Suggested improvement would be to enable the cutting tool to be used right up to the edge of the paper.
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