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  1. This all sounds like a work around requiring a lot of labor for a simple feature that should just be there in the first place for every platform. Cross platform capability is one of Evernote's main selling features. Logging activities needs to be done without a lot of extra labor. It is hard enough to log without making logging a task in it's own right. It is one of those repetitive tasks that benefits greatly from automation - that is one of the main objects of computer software in the first place, is it not? Besides, I don't know of anyone who enjoys logging. It is just a necessary evil. I worked in software development for 19 years - it seams to me the implementation is minimal compared to the benefit gained for the customer. So Evernote development team, just implement this simple yet fundamental feature, for every platform (android,IOS,etc.) or at least give us a reason why it cannot be done.
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