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  1. Sorry but there isn't any other way to empty trash. Using webversion in your PC won't install Evernote.
  2. I tried that, but it doesn't show any of the dozens of notes I am trying to get rid of, the only thing I can do is delete the whole thing from my tablet but I read that is not so easy to do. I am sorry I ever used this app. I hope I can get rid of it. I don't want it on my PC. any suggestions, seems ridiculous that one can't empty the trash from an app. regards, ' Joan.
  3. I couldn't find anything as to how to delete all the notes in the trash o Evernote. I don't have evernote on my PC so how do I empty the trash Please. Joan.
  4. Hi Everyone, I don't really understand Evernote. I make a list of things I must do and then delete the list but I didn't know that everything went into trash (doh). so, I found everything in the trash but I can't empty the trash. When I googled that I read that I just click the 3 dots on the top at the right, but when I do that it just gives me the option to "Restore Note. Would someone please tell me how to empty the trash. Also is there a tutorial for Evernote, I am just not understanding it. Many thanks. joanelaine
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