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  1. Updated to 6.0.6. Haven't seen the prompt for a couple of days now. Thanks for fixing this.
  2. 6.0 arrived. The prompt still won't go away. The annoyance continues. Is this it?
  3. That does not justify a never ending nag about renewal. Maybe a "Remind me later" along side with a "Do not show this again" would be a more professionally crafted solution? Plus if one has to count on the notice to realize that he needs to renew, it's either that he has no reason to go with a premium at all, or that Evernote's product manager needs to do a better job differentiating its premium from its free, or just both.
  4. Keep getting prompt "Your subscription has expired. Renew now ... " in a red bar. I could click "x" to close it BUT it keeps coming back. Very annoying. I will renew my subscription if I want to. This persistent reminder is not helping with that at all. Let me know how I can turn this off, or change this in the next release so it goes away after a first show. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for fixing this. I went back to Windows 7 though - Windows 10 is not for me.
  6. Same issue here. A duplicate icon would show up if I pin EN to taskbar and click on it. Slight annoying as it creates an inconsistent outlook on my taskbar. Hope to see this fixed asap.
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