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  1. I will be purchasing a tablet for school and want a good note taking app. I've never used technology before to take notes, but I'm at a point where I think that is going to be the best way. I would like something with the functionality of Notability, without having to use an iPad. I would like to know if EVERNOTE can perform the following functions SIMULTANEOUSLY on an Android tablet (Galaxy Note 10.1 2014): -Open, annotate, highlight and save PDF documents -Record audio, sometimes up to 2-3 continuous hours -Sync timing of highlighted text to audio recording Those are the "must haves". If not, can anyone recommend a product that can perform all of these tasks simultaneously? I would also like to know if it is possible to save the documents to a microSD card, or must everything be stored in the cloud? Also, would any of this require a paid subscription? (I'm totally OK if it does) Thanks in advance, Scott S.
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