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  1. Toc toc Evernote guys!!! When are you going to fix this bug? It is very very annoying and disappointing!!!!!
  2. Thanks. Better to delete this post, right?
  3. Hi all, When I modify the line of the note, for example to insert a character and correct a typo, Evernote selects the whole line. Therefore, when I click another key, the selected text is deleted. Not sure if my explanation is clear. 1- Let's say that I have this text 'Hello fend, how are you? (enter)' 2- I want to correct 'fend' and write friend. I put the mouse pointer after 'f' 3- I type 'r' 4- Evernote automatically selects 'end, how are you?' till the (enter) 5- I type 'i' and, of course, I delete 'end, how are you?' and write 'i' instead. As you can imagine, it is very annoying. I am using Evernote Version 6.0.16 in a Mac 10.7.5. Thanks!!!! R.
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